What are the reasons that affect the nozzle spray problem


There are some reasons for the problem of nozzle spray. […]

There are some reasons for the problem of nozzle spray. The spray nozzle is one of the important components of the equipment. It mainly plays the role of ejecting liquid. In order to make its advantages come into play in the long-term, it needs to be regularly and periodically. Maintenance, if not maintained in time, may cause problems with the spray nozzle, then, what are the reasons for its problems?

Common causes of nozzle spray problems are:

1. Corrosion and wear: The material on the nozzle nozzle and the surface of the inner flow passage gradually becomes larger or deformed, thereby affecting the flow rate, pressure and spray shape.

2. Blockage: Dirt or other impurities in the liquid block the mouth, thus limiting the flow of the nozzle and disturbing the shape of the spray and its uniformity.

3. temperature damage: overheating will have a certain damage to the nozzle material designed for non-high temperature applications.

4. Improper installation: A washer that deviates from the shaft, excessive tightening or other problems that change position can have adverse effects.

The cause of the problem with the spray nozzle is not single. When we find the problem, we should check from the above aspects to see what the specific reasons are and then take corresponding measures to understand the reasons that affect the spray nozzle, which is conducive to the production. Need to improve overall efficiency. If you still have something to know, you can call us for consultation, we will look forward to you with professional service!