Unique water misting nozzle atomization performance


As we all know, nozzles are divided into many types and […]

As we all know, nozzles are divided into many types and many different functions. One nozzle used in the field of air atomization is a water misting nozzle, which is not difficult to understand literally. It is a small water misting nozzle, which contains two kinds of nozzles. Meaning: First, the spray shape is foggy; second, the spray medium is only water mist; from these two characteristics, it is easy to see that the water misting nozzle is a single fluid atomizing nozzle. Today we focus on the water misting nozzle.

Water misting nozzles are divided into two categories: single-fluid high-pressure atomizing nozzles and multi-head atomizing nozzles.

The single-fluid high-pressure atomizing nozzle is also called fine atomizing nozzle in the industry. It only has the effect of liquid pressure, but its atomization effect is comparable to that of the two-fluid air atomizing nozzle. It is a cost-effective atomizing nozzle. This atomizing nozzle has a fine design, the spray angle is only 60°, the atomized particles are about 50 microns, the connecting thread size is 1/4 and 9/16, the atomizing nozzle is equipped with a filter net and a base, and the use pressure generally requires more than 7 kg. The nozzle has a minimum aperture of 0.21 mm. The nozzle has vortex blades inside. It uses liquid pressure to produce very fine droplets. The average particle diameter of the droplets is only 40 microns and as small as 20 microns. Way, add filter, easy to clean. The micro atomizing nozzle is mainly used for humidifying in the textile factory, humidifying the air-conditioned room, cooling the flue gas in the chimney, spray drying, deodorizing the garbage station, spraying chemical raw materials, and disinfecting and sterilizing.

The water misting nozzle also has a multi-head atomizing nozzle. The multi-head atomizing nozzle is a nozzle body with 5-6 nozzles mounted thereon. The nozzle type is a solid cone, and each cap has an inner core, which is easy to disassemble for cleaning. The nozzle can be sprayed at multiple angles, covering an area of ​​360 degrees. The material is mainly made of stainless steel. The nozzle is mainly used for fire extinguishing, and is used for library document management, document center, engine room, engine room, etc. The occasion of fire fighting.

The water misting nozzle is a very important nozzle in the nozzle category, and the application conditions are also important. Therefore, when choosing a water misting nozzle, you must buy a nozzle product with good quality and stable spray performance.