Two-fluid air atomizing nozzle for cooling and dust removal


The two-fluid nozzle is a nozzle with a special device. […]

The two-fluid nozzle is a nozzle with a special device. This nozzle requires both gas and liquid resources. The gas and liquid are mixed inside the nozzle and the gas propelling device is used to blow out the liquid. A gas interface and a liquid two interfaces. It is also called an air atomizing nozzle. The two-fluid nozzle has a sub-siphon nozzle and a pressure nozzle. The siphon nozzle uses the pressure of the gas to suck the liquid up and then spray it out. The nozzle has a certain pressure of gas and liquid. The mist sprayed by the two-fluid nozzle is very fine, and the mist is 5-10 microns. The sprayed mist is completely suspended in the air, which is equivalent to the atomization effect of the spray fan. It is suitable for industrial cooling and dust removal. The two-fluid nozzle is used for industrial cooling and dust removal. The installation is very simple. It only needs air compressor. The PU hose for pipeline is very low cost. The air atomizing nozzle is used in the cooling dust removal system project. The most cost effective method.

The special internal structure of the air atomizing nozzle allows for a uniform mixing of liquid and gas. The ability to adjust the flow of liquid can also produce a desirable spray without changing the air pressure and pressure of the liquid. Each spray unit consists of an air cap and a liquid cap that provides both fan and round spray patterns. The fine droplets produced by the nozzles provide excellent humidification to the surrounding environment. The nozzle parts are interchangeable and easy to assemble and disassemble.
Pneumatic needle valve with automatic cleaning of scale and dust to prevent dripping: Using the opening and closing of compressed air, the reciprocating motion of the nozzle spool (ie pneumatic needle valve) can be controlled. The front end of the nozzle spool matches the water outlet on the front cover. The fine needle can quickly remove the scale and dust from the outlet. When the compressed air is disconnected or the air pressure is lower than 0.2 MPa, the nozzle spool is immediately sealed by the spring force of the tail, and the water does not flow. The number of pneumatic valve devices installed inside the atomizing nozzle is the first in China. At present, foreign and domestic similar atomizing nozzles do not have the pneumatic needle valve, and the function of automatically removing scale and dust can not be realized; at the same time, water spray and dripping phenomenon will inevitably occur when the atomizing nozzle is opened and closed.