The Many Applications of Misting Systems


The use of misting systems as a means of outdoor coolin […]

The use of misting systems as a means of outdoor cooling has started to become popular for domestic situations such as around the patio or pool and barbecue area. However, the practice of using misting systems has been a vital part of a number of industries for many years now. Not only can these systems be used to effectively provide much needed cooling but they are also available to perform other important roles, some of which are completely unexpected.

Firstly, when we discuss misters we should point out that we are talking about high-pressure misting that produces water droplets that are incredibly fine. They can be measured as small as 20 -30 microns in size. This is compared to a normal water droplet that would measure around 200 microns. The way a mister works is that water is passed through misting nozzles under high-pressure, this pressure generated by the combination of small pumps as well as the tiny size of the holes in the nozzles. When the water hits the air it goes through a process known as flash evaporation and this evaporative process provides the cooling effect.

Misters are commonly used in a number of commercial fields in a variety of applications. One of the more common uses is in greenhouses where misting systems are used to control the temperature as well as the humidity levels. Greenhouse misters can be set up on a timer system to operate at certain hours of the day or on a sensor system so that when the relative humidity reaches a certain level the misters would kick into action.