The difference between high pressure and fine water mist nozzle open and closed


High pressure water mist nozzles are used in fire extin […]

High pressure water mist nozzles are used in fire extinguishing, cooling and dust reduction.

After a special internal swirling structure, the water forms water mist particles under high pressure, which can be extinguished by water mist particles, which has an irreplaceable advantage over ordinary sprinkler fire extinguishing. Generally, high-pressure water mist nozzles can be divided into open type and closed type. Since everyone will be confused when choosing, the following briefly introduces the difference between open type and closed type.

The biggest difference between the open and closed FB high pressure water mist nozzles is that the open nozzle has no release mechanism and the closed nozzle has a release mechanism. The closed glass ball sprinkler consists of a spout, a glass ball, a frame, a splash plate, and a gasket. The glass ball is a heat sensitive component with a certain amount of color expansion liquid. It is also called the nozzle release mechanism. There is a small bubble in the ball. Under normal conditions, the glass ball is placed against the nozzle gasket. When a fire occurs, the ball is inside. The liquid is heated and the expansion pressure is increased. When the pressure reaches the specified value, the glass ball bursts, the gasket loses support, and the pressurized water is sprayed out to extinguish the fire. The open nozzle differs from the closed nozzle only in that it lacks a release mechanism consisting of a heat sensitive element consisting of a body, a bracket and a splash tray. The installation form is basically the same as that of the closed nozzle. The closed high-pressure nozzle is an important component of the high-pressure water mist sprinkler system. It can cool the flame through small droplets, and the water vapor can block the oxygen, and can reduce the radiant heat to control the fire and extinguish the fire.

High pressure water mist nozzle general application:

1. Archives database, library, and cultural relics;

2. oil depot, generator room, boiler room, direct combustion engine room, oil switch cabinet room, hydraulic station;

3. computer room, power distribution room, central control room, large cable room, cable shaft, cable tunnel;

4. Petrochemical, coal, subway, tunnel, ship, aviation;

5. Industrial use in fire extinguishing, dust removal, cooling, humidification, etc.