Sprinkler mixing atomizing nozzle


The special internal structure design of the gas-water […]

The special internal structure design of the gas-water mixed air atomizing nozzle enables the liquid and gas to be uniformly mixed to produce a spray or coarse droplet spray of fine droplet size. In general, a finer (about 30 microns) droplet spray can be obtained by increasing the gas pressure or lowering the liquid pressure, resulting in a higher gas flow rate to liquid flow rate ratio. The adjustable air atomizing nozzle is capable of regulating the flow of liquid, and it can also produce a suitable spray without changing the air pressure and liquid pressure, so it is highly adaptable.

Each spray unit consists of an air cap and a liquid cap that provides both fan and round spray patterns with a wide flow range. The inlet fittings of the nozzle body are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for most common piping. The above nozzle components are interchangeable, which provides flexibility for different spray performance. The fine droplet spray generated by the air atomizing nozzle can exert an excellent humidifying effect on the surrounding environment. Air atomizing nozzles are ideal for areas that require effective humidity control!