Spray nozzle cooling effect


Cooling effect of the spray nozzle: water is used as a […]

Cooling effect of the spray nozzle: water is used as a medium, and the spray nozzle is used to atomize the water to achieve the cooling effect. The cooling effect depends on the atomization effect of the spray nozzle. The type of spray nozzle is a condition that can be freely controlled; conditions such as pressure value and medium quality are often unchangeable factors affected by the limited conditions. Therefore, different pressure and medium values ​​should choose different types of spray nozzles. Spray nozzle selection is the most important part. Although the quality of the spray nozzle directly affects the quality of the spray effect, the spray nozzle does not match the industrial effect. The self- atomization effect is no better, and it does not reach the expected industrial effect. While paying attention to quality, the selection can not be ignored.

Different spray effects are selected for the different types of spray nozzles under rated conditions.

Cooling can be divided into large-flow metal product line cooling (copper wire production turntable, aluminum product production line, high-temperature processing product quenching, etc.) These pressure and water quality requirements are not high, choose a large flow with a certain impact of the spray The nozzle can be used, the flow rate is fast, and the water volume (flow rate) is large. This type of spray nozzle can use a fan-shaped spray nozzle. The high-temperature cooling of the boiler or the narrow space pays attention to the size of the water mist particles after atomization, that is, the thickness of the water mist after atomization. For this type of cooling, it is recommended to increase the compressed air, and the intervention of the compressed air can make the medium reach a better fine. The state of the test can be as small as 10 μm, and it is uniform atomization. Uniform ultra-fine atomized water mist can be better fused with high-temperature gas for better cooling. This type of cooling is recommended to use a two-fluid atomizing spray nozzle or atomizing spray gun. Many pipeline cooling, as well as equipment cooling, in addition to cooling, but also to achieve the effect of cleaning, such spray nozzles are recommended to use wide-angle solid cone atomizing spray nozzle, large spray angle, wide coverage, even atomization, water mist particles can be based on actual Customized using the requirements to control traffic.

It is also important to use the right spray nozzle and use the correct method of operation. First, the blocked spray nozzle should be carefully cleaned regularly, which can extend the life of the spray nozzle and enhance the use of the spray nozzle. In order to ensure the spray effect of the spray nozzle, the nozzle of each spray nozzle is carefully crafted. Even if it is caused by improper cleaning, it will affect the flow and spray distribution. This causes irreparable damage. During use, be sure to use a corresponding filter (filter) spray system to reduce clogging.

The characteristics of the spray nozzle are mainly reflected in the spray mode of the spray nozzle, that is, the shape formed when the liquid leaves the spray nozzle opening and its running performance. The name of the spray nozzle is distinguished by the spray shape: fan shape, cone shape, liquid column flow (ie jet), air atomization, flat spray nozzle, wherein the cone spray nozzle is divided into hollow cone and solid cone. The medium used for the strong cold (hot) tuyere and the special blow nozzle is air, and this type of pressure determines the cooling effect.