Spray equipment dust reduction system application


The spray dust reduction system is based on the princip […]

The spray dust reduction system is based on the principle that “the dust particles and the water mist particles are similar in size, the probability of adsorption, filtration and condensation is the largest”. The water is atomized into micron-sized particles to collide with the dust particles, adsorb and coagulate, and the dust cluster formed. Gravity drops and falls, thus achieving the purpose of dust reduction.

Application of spray dust reduction system:

Automobile discharge spray dust reduction system

When the car is unloaded, the generated air is squeezed outwards, which is an open source of dust. Spray dust reduction is a simple dust reduction method based on the mechanism of gravity settlement. Spray nozzles are arranged at various positions of the parking space to form a mist-shaped casing to control dust.

Vehicle automatic flushing system

When the vehicle enters and exits the dust material storage yard, the body and the tire tend to carry the dust material out of the material yard, causing pollution of the environment outside the yard and loss of materials. The vehicle flushing system is installed at the inlet and outlet of the material yard, and automatically flushes the vehicles entering and leaving the yard to prevent the vehicles from taking dust out to meet the requirements of environmental protection.