Special features of air atomizing nozzles


The difference between air atomizing nozzles and other […]

The difference between air atomizing nozzles and other common nozzles:

The atomizing nozzle sprays mist and is a small mist, but the ordinary nozzle does not spray as small as the air atomizing nozzle.

The work of the air atomizing nozzle is the effect that an air compressor is required to spray the mist. Generally, the ordinary nozzle does not need any compressor, and the water pipe is directly connected, and the spray effect can be sprayed as long as the water has a certain pressure.

The air atomizing nozzle generally has only two kinds of spray shapes, a fan shape and a circular shape. The shape of the ordinary nozzle is a fan shape, a solid cone shape, a hollow cone shape, a circular shape and the like.

 General application of air atomizing nozzles:

 (1) Paper industry: pulp conditioning, spray release agent, corrugated paper to prevent bending.

 (2) Plastic industry: antistatic spray, coated film, etc.

 (3) Steel industry: cooling of plates and pipes.

 (4) Textile industry: the wetting of yarns and fabrics.

 (5) Printing industry: the prevention of hot ripples in the gravure printing rotary machine.

 (6) Automotive industry: trolley cooling on the coating line oven.

 (7) Environmental protection industry: humidification, disinfection, dust reduction, etc.