Sintering process of nozzle nozzle


Introduction to the sintering process of the nozzle noz […]

Introduction to the sintering process of the nozzle nozzle. The nozzle nozzle is a powerful and comprehensive spray device. It has a wide range of applications and good spraying effect, which reduces the blocking phenomenon and saves time and cost. It can be found in modern sintering processes.
1. Pressureless sintering. This process has become the primary method for preparing nozzle nozzles. The strength and toughness are good because of the low sintering temperature and the refinement of the microstructure.
2. Hot pressing sintering. The microstructure, mechanical and thermal properties of the sintered body will vary depending on the type of additive.
3. Hot isostatic pressing sintering. Even if no additives are introduced, it can be densified at 1950 ° C by hot isostatic pressing.
4. Reaction sintering. In order to ensure the complete siliconization of the nozzle nozzle, the blank should have sufficient porosity.