Selection of landscape fogging equipment in garden fog effect design


What is landscape fogging? The so-called landscape fogg […]

What is landscape fogging? The so-called landscape fogging refers to pressurizing the pure softened water source through the high-pressure pump body. After reaching a certain pressure, the vapor mist effect is sprayed through the micro-hole nozzle; depending on the use environment, there is usually water. Fog, cold fog, aerosol.

Landscape fogging equipment refers to the host equipment that produces fog effect, generally does not include spray pipe fittings; landscape fogging equipment is prepared according to customer's wishes or suggestions, generally divided into popular type tankless belt type, practical type direct type Customized program control linkage, high-end remote and mobile control, primary object operation; iron spray coating, stainless steel model; its flow index parameters are generally British fluid standard, but also public standard, but no matter which, other supporting The clamps and nozzles must be consistent.

The instantaneous existence of fog in nature is not specific. This requires us to design the ideal existence state of the landscape fog effect according to the shape, fog and different surrounding environment of the fog in different seasons; then choose the layout method. Common techniques can refer to the white way of Chinese landscape painting, avoiding fog and fog in the whole scene.