Scattering energy characteristics of nozzle rotating nozzle


1. Low spray strength (15.2mm/h), nozzles, industrial n […]

1. Low spray strength (15.2mm/h), nozzles, industrial nozzles to reduce above-ground runoff and soil erosion.
2. Within the spray radius, the nozzle is evenly covered by a rotating jet through the porous port.
3. Matching irrigation intensity, the depiction mode is simple.
4. In the irrigation system depicting a radius of 4 to 10.7 m, the matching irrigation intensity is the same as that of the 5000/5000+ MPR nozzle and the industrial nozzle.
5. Rotary nozzle water consumption is 60% less than conventional scattering nozzles, so more nozzles are allowed in each irrigation area, reducing the complexity and cost of the entire system.
6. In the pressure range of 0.14~0.38MPa, the nozzle is maintained in a highly efficient spraying state, and no atomization occurs.
7. The allowable radius of the stainless steel radius adjustment screw is reduced to 4m (nozzle with spray radius of 4~5.5m) and 5.2m (nozzle with spray radius of 5.2~7.3m) to meet the needs of garden landscape changes.
8. Nozzles depicted for the rain bird scattering nozzle.