New concept of all-round reform of atomizing nozzle


For the nozzle products, the trend of the current era i […]

For the nozzle products, the trend of the current era is the change of the best development trend of the times. This is because there is a certain gap in all aspects, and there is also a certain special reform significance in the concept. Talking about the new concept of all-round reform of centrifugal atomizing nozzles, understand how the future development of nozzles will change!
Previously, the atomization nozzles in accordance with the overall reform ideas of the government's transformation of functions, simple administration and decentralization, Beijing Zhongguancun, Shanghai Pudong, Guangdong and other places have successively tested the registration system innovation of water enterprises, and “wide-intensity and strict management” triggered a corporate registration boom.
The atomizing nozzle is one of the results of the combination of the top layer design and the “stone-crossing”. From the contracting of family co-productions in Xiaogang Village in Anhui Province to the opening of the special zone in Shenzhen Xiaoyu Village, many major reforms in the past 35 years have come from local innovation, and then supported by the state, and finally promoted throughout the country. The "top-down" and "bottom-up" benign interactions reflect "Chinese wisdom."
Nozzle reform is a complex system engineering. When the reforms are tough, it is urgent to combine top-level design with grassroots innovation, grasp the law in the process of crossing the river, and promote reform in overall planning.
Emphasizing top-level design is the overall view of reform.
Deep water, over the shoal, "navigation" is indispensable. Only when there is a scientific top-level design, can there be a reasonable reform path; if there is a clear system plan, there will be solid reform measures.
We are faced with the reality that the surface troubles are solved, and the deep problems are highlighted; the dominant symptoms are resolved, and the hidden risks are emerging; the level of development is high, and the demands are more complicated. The old and new contradictions are entangled, and the interests are intertwined. Lack of top-level design, reform is difficult to concentrate, and some reforms must not only be top-level design, but also top-level promotion, comprehensive reform refuses fragmentation.
And not only for atomizing nozzles, the idea of ​​changing the nozzles for all metal nozzles, spiral nozzles, spray nozzles, fan nozzles, ceramic nozzles, cleaning nozzles, etc. will be a very obvious challenge!
It is necessary to rationalize the relationship between the government and the market, including the transformation of government functions, the construction of market systems, and the reform of the financial system. The improvement of the income distribution system involves the interests of national enterprises and between central and local governments. A major adjustment in the pattern... to get rid of these "hard bones", not a place or a field can be singled out, must be laid out from the top. Talking about the new concept of all-round reform of atomizing nozzle~!