Multiple industrial nozzle structures


Industrial fan nozzle structure Ball head structure mod […]

Industrial fan nozzle structure

Ball head structure modeling and wear test of fan-shaped nozzle structure For the complex structure of the ball-shaped nozzle structure and the erosion of the inner surface of the nozzle by solid particles in the pesticide, the mathematical structure of the basic structure of the fan-shaped nozzle is established by the three-dimensional geometric method. Equation and mechanical analysis. The results show that the x-direction wear of the ball-shaped nozzle structure is the most serious.

Industrial venturi nozzle structure diagram

What are the nozzle structure classifications? 1. The venturi nozzle structure diagram is a schematic diagram of the venturi nozzle structure. Its structure is: a Venturi-shaped throat, the nozzle outlet is a micro-conical section, the outlet is slightly larger in diameter, and the airflow reaches the speed of sound in the throat portion. The supersonic speed of 355 m/s or more can be achieved at the nozzle exit (the exit speed of the general cylindrical straight-hole nozzle abrasive is low.

Industrial quick release nozzle structure

The structure of the quick-release nozzle is novel and scientific. The nozzle body and nozzle can be quickly and quickly separated. You can remove the nozzle from the nozzle body by rotating the nozzle by 90 degrees by hand. No tools are needed, so the maintenance downtime can be significantly reduced. The automatic preparation positioning nozzle has an internal device stop that locks the nozzle in the correct position after being inserted into the nozzle body, avoiding time-consuming manual adjustments, so each installation can be confirmed

Industrial spiral nozzle structure

Spiral Nozzle Structure and Introduction The spiral nozzle is a solid cone or hollow cone spray nozzle with a spray angle ranging from 50° to 170°. At a pressure of 3 bar, the liquid flow rate ranges from 5.5 to 4140 liters per minute. This compact nozzle has an unobstructed flow path designed by the operator to minimize liquid clogging and maximize liquid flow over a given size of pipe.

Industrial hollow cone nozzle structure

The influence of the structural parameters of the hollow cone nozzle on the spray performance affects the structural parameters of the hollow cone nozzle on the reverse flow of the air flow and the water jet. The air flow is characterized by the use of air as a working medium for spraying, and the water jet is characterized by water as a working medium for cutting, drilling, crushing, crushing, peeling, rinsing, deburring and the like.