Misting nozzle manufacturing process


The precision of all precision parts (including dimensi […]

The precision of all precision parts (including dimensional tolerances, shape tolerances, etc.), surface roughness (or commonly known as finish), surface hardness (anti-abrasive), anti-corrosion, etc. are strictly required. In addition, these precision parts are also required to be assembled in combination with other parts of the nozzle. Therefore, the manufacturing process of nozzle precision parts is one of the key points of nozzle technology, and it is also reasonable. The processing requirements and processes of the typical parts will be further introduced later.

The nozzle manufacturing process technology has been continuously developed and improved with the advancement of science and technology and machinery manufacturing technology and equipment, which is highlighted in the following aspects.

The blank refining technique replaces the rough cast (forged) blank with a precision cast (forged) blank. In particular, there is no surplus or small amount of precision castings, which can save expensive raw materials, reduce processing time and reduce production costs. It can also rely on precision molds to ensure more complex geometries and sizes. The key to the precision casting process is the manufacture and inspection of precision molds, as well as the melting and casting of materials. At present, these technologies are no longer a problem, and because of this, injection molding nozzles made of plastic materials are very accurate and beautiful.