Introduction to the basic performance of common misting nozzle


The pressure atomizing nozzle of the basic introduction […]

The pressure atomizing nozzle of the basic introduction of the common atomizing nozzle
The pressure of the sprayed liquid is increased, and the high-pressure liquid flows through the atomizing nozzle to collide with the atmospheric pressure to generate atomized particles. After the high-pressure liquid of the direct atomizing nozzle is ejected from the nozzle port, the liquid is in a disordered state and can be directly broken from the liquid into atomized particles. This process is called primary crushing. If the flow rate of the liquid is sufficiently large, secondary crushing can occur, and the atomization effect is more obvious, and the turbulent fluidity and atomization degree of the liquid flow can be judged. Because the pressure atomizing nozzle is easy to use, it is widely used in industry.

Rotary atomizing nozzle for basic introduction of common atomizing nozzle
The rotary atomizing nozzle has a structure of a swirl chamber inside, and a liquid forms a film inside the atomizing nozzle. After the atomized droplet is ejected from the nozzle, the surface tension of the liquid overcomes the inertia of the liquid, and the liquid breaks under the action of the air. The increase of droplet pressure and jetting speed can break the liquid film into a filament or ribbon shape, and the relative movement with the air is accelerated, and even the nozzle opening from the atomizing nozzle can form a spray. For such an atomizing nozzle, its mist The principle of chemistry includes the exchange of centrifugal atomization and velocity atomization. The swirl chamber of the rotary atomizing nozzle is the main factor determining the atomization effect. Rotary atomizing nozzles are capable of generating sufficient atomization. One disadvantage is that the spray speed is slow and the spray shape is a hollow cone. The spiral atomizing nozzle is widely used due to low use cost, easy passage of the atomization passage, and is generally applied to the flue dust removal process.

The basic atomization nozzle of the basic atomization nozzle
The liquid is atomized by means of a high-speed jet of the same axial or vertical direction of the fluid, which is also called a two-fluid atomizing nozzle. These atomizing nozzles are usually composed of a central circular tube and an outer annular gap, and are used with high-speed airflow. The liquid column or liquid film of the low-speed liquid collides with each other, rubs and breaks into fine atomized particles. The most common media atomizing nozzles are air atomizing nozzles. The medium atomizing nozzle atomized particles are fine and uniform, and the atomization is sufficient, so it is widely used.

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