How to make the nozzle better water supply


The OG dust-removing spray water of the converter is ma […]

The OG dust-removing spray water of the converter is mainly for cooling coarse dust removal and fine dust removal; after cooling and dust removal, the drainage temperature is about 70 °C, and contains a certain amount of dust. It needs to be cooled, filtered, and dosed after being disposed of. At present, there is a strict demand for water supply temperature, pH value and suspended matter after water disposal. Many companies have invested a lot of money for this purpose, and more importantly, the recycling water treatment cost is high. Each converter workshop has a small amount of circulating water of several hundred tons per hour and more than 10,000 tons per hour. Moreover, the water treatment equipment is huge, and the sludge and mud after disposal are often contaminated by secondary pollution.
The traditional converter OG water disposal and disposal system has a large disposal capacity and high demand for water supply quality. First, due to the backward “one article” or full cooling tower, the drainage temperature is high and dirty, and the residual heat can not only be The use also requires the use of the upper tower pump, cooling tower, and fan for cooling; the second is the use of bowl-shaped nozzles in the past "one article", the nozzle outlet is only 3~10 mm; the diameter of the nitrogen-passing nozzle nozzle selected by "two texts" is only 6~ 8 mm, very simple blocking; third, the water treatment pump interval converter dust removal equipment grows hundreds of meters, the water supply pipeline is also slightly fouled.
In recent years, our company has successfully carried out many successful improvements, which can significantly reduce the demand for water supply temperature and water quality, and then reduce the OG water disposal capacity of the converter by 50% or even all. Successful improvement methods include: First, all the original bowl-shaped nozzles and nitrogen-passing nozzles are screened, and the spiral nozzle-shaped, hollow-conical, or brush-shaped spray nozzles can be used to completely solve the blocking problem; Cooling, can reduce the return water temperature, such as the use of semi-dry cooling tower, the system water does not heat up, it does not require cooling; the third is the use of stainless steel, or silicon carbide and other high temperature, corrosion, and erosion resistant materials, can be reduced The hardness of the water supply and the demand for suspended solids and dust content; the fourth is to change the commonly used parallel water supply, and the serial water supply is used, that is, the drainage of the "two texts", dehydrators and the like with a dust content of less than 1% is not disposed, or After simple filtration, it is directly used for “one article”/washing tower, and the short water supply interval can prevent pipeline fouling. This way the amount of water can be reduced by at least 50% without changing the current process.
The “one article”/washing tower drainage is also subjected to coarse filtration on site, and the drainage mud content is about 30%, which is equivalent to the effluent of the traditional water treatment filter press. The mud buffer storage device that is sent to the site can directly send the sintering and mixing process using the tanker or the pipeline. It is also possible to reduce the amount of sludge by 30% of the mud containing mud and then to the mud containing 70% of the sludge, and directly sent to the pipe by pipe or car.
The spiral nozzle is based on the general level of sewage disposal cost of 0.5 yuan / ton per ton of sewage, a 120-ton converter to reduce 50% of water disposal capacity can reduce the total water disposal volume by more than 2 million tons per year, the cost of falling exceeds 1 million yuan, can save the pump Energy consumption in processes such as fans and filter presses. The cost of the above transformation is much less, and does not affect the normal production.