High pressure cleaner atomizing nozzle difference


In the actual processing process, the high-pressure cle […]

In the actual processing process, the high-pressure cleaner can classify them according to different water spray shapes. Of course, the classification of the shapes of different nozzles naturally differs. What is the difference between the three nozzles of the high pressure cleaner?
1, cylindrical nozzle

High-pressure cleaners of this type of nozzles are generally developed on the basis of conical-converging nozzles. They are a relatively common continuous nozzle, and often use such different shapes for nozzles, such as Typical high pressure nozzles or cylindrical nozzles for guns are generally more common.

2, fan nozzle

In the process of working with the high-pressure cleaning machine of the fan-shaped nozzle, the jetted water flow is completely flat and the uniform uniform jet density is relatively good, and it can continuously spread, the angle will also change constantly, the flexibility is relatively high, and the fan-shaped nozzle The cleaning area is much larger than the cleaning area of ​​the cylindrical nozzle. The main disadvantage is that the high-pressure water flow may spread in a short time, which may cause a very large pressure at a certain moment, even with a belt. For a larger cleaning area, the loss of pressure will be very serious. At the same time, in actual operation, basically, some high-pressure water flow equipment is also required to operate and use it.

3, shaped nozzle

This is a jet produced by all the nozzles in order to greatly increase the speed of the water flow in a short time, and basically can prevent the air from wrapping the jet, greatly increasing the speed of the water flow, and the nozzle design used in the relevant place. The performance is also gradually improving, which can improve efficiency.