Dry fog misting suppression system


The dust that is raised needs the atomization state of […]

The dust that is raised needs the atomization state of the nozzle to achieve the best dust reduction effect. What kind of nozzle can spray a finer and wider coverage?

Dust is an open source of pollution caused by dust on the ground in the wind, man-made and other flying, and is an important part of the total suspended particulate matter in the ambient air. During the transportation and processing, the powder and granules are subjected to the induced air flow, the flowing air caused by the indoor ventilation, and the airflow generated by the rotation of the moving parts of the equipment. The fine dust in the powder and granules is first separated from the powder and granules and then flew. The indoor air flows to cause the dust to diffuse, thus completing the process from dust generation to diffusion. In general, dust mainly has the following characteristics:

Wide area, strong fluidity, small particle diameter, so dust and water mist also need to have: wide coverage, strong fluidity, small diameter of water mist particles can form a floating state of slow decline, so as to achieve the best atomization and dust reduction effect. The nozzle that can achieve this atomization effect is the ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle used in the dry mist suppression system.