Dissolving technology of atomizing nozzle


Now let's explain the latest decomposition technology o […]

Now let's explain the latest decomposition technology of atomizing nozzle. In order to improve the appearance and performance of the film prepared by SP method, the main research work will be concentrated in the following three aspects: First, improve the atomization skill of atomizing nozzle gas, such as Pulse intermittent spray and nano jet; second, the choice of source materials and solvents, improve the manufacture of gas; third, the selection of new heating and accumulation means, such as the use of Huibo heating, thermal plasma ionization, cold plasma gas atmosphere stacking.
The type of plasma pyrolysis nozzle atomization pyrolysis is different according to the way of attacking plasma: corona discharge spray pyrolysis, microwave discharge plasma spray pyrolysis, radio frequency discharge plasma spray pyrolysis.
Corona discharge atomizing nozzle spray pyrolysis
The corona discharge plasma is weakly ionized, and the particles are much more abundant than the ions, the temperature of the electrons is lower, and the temperature of the ions is lower. Because the traditional pressure spray pyrolysis stacking efficiency is low, the method of corona discharge is used to charge the droplets and manipulate the droplets to accumulate into the sheets. The r stacking efficiency is improved. For example, the atomization skill of the ultrasonic atomizing nozzle is used to atomize the gas, and nitrogen is used as the carrier gas. After the high voltage of ZOkV~60kV is applied to the blade fixed above the aerosol flow, the corona discharge plasma is generated to make the atomization. The droplets are charged. The charged droplets are directional stacking on the grounded substrate. The stacking efficiency is improved to 80%.
Huibo electric plasma atomizing nozzle spray pyrolysis
Microwave discharge is a discharge method that converts the energy of microwave into the internal energy of gas molecules, causing it to excite and ionize to attack plasma. The frequency of general Chuanchuan is 2GHz. There are many similarities with RF discharge. The microwave discharge does not require an electrode to be placed in the discharge space but the power can be partially collected, so that a high-density plasma can be obtained. In the process of spray pyrolysis of microwave plasma atomizing nozzle to prepare film, the quality of mist droplet is much larger than that of charged rod. Therefore, the energy of the emblem wave is very little transferred to the droplet. The material is gasified and ionized. Research Nong Ming. Because the frequency reaches 2.45 GH: the power of the microwave to the small droplets is not strong. Therefore, the microwave can be directly applied to the salt solution droplets and cannot reach the moon. Alumina and oxidized ceramic powders were synthesized by large-scale Huibo plasma spray pyrolysis method, and compared with the powder prepared by flame pyrolysis. It is found that there is no significant difference between the two. It proves that the formation mechanism of the powder is basically the same. It indicates that the plasma pyrolysis process is a pure thermal process, and the plasma chemical reaction of the plasma is very sensitive to the appearance of the powder. small.