Different types and usage of atomizing nozzles


The application of atomizing nozzles is very extensive. […]

The application of atomizing nozzles is very extensive. In agricultural production, atomizing nozzles can be used to spray pesticides. According to the category of pesticides, it is generally used for metal atomizing nozzles: spraying, dust removal, and workshop humidification nozzles are mainly Used to produce very fine atomization effects. The atomizing nozzle sprays a mist, which is a small mist. The nozzle is also sprayed without fog, and an air compressor is required to spray the mist. Generally, the nozzle does not require any compressor, and is directly connected. The water pipe can spray a spray effect such as a fan shape, a conical shape, or a round shape as long as the water has a certain pressure. The atomizing nozzle is generally only in the form of fan and round spray patterns.


For household use nozzles, air conditioners can be said to be indispensable appliances in our modern life. In the summer, with the heat of the weather, air conditioning is a necessity in our daily life, then the atomizing nozzle is in the air conditioner. What role does the application play? The first is to reduce the heat generated during the operation of the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is working, it absorbs the heat in the room, discharges the hot air, and blows out the cold air, but the temperature of the air in the room is lowered. Therefore, we equipped the atomizing nozzle to spray the atomization effect of the water mist on the air-conditioning exhaust air to reduce the heat exhaust and heat dissipation of the air conditioner. The second is deodorization. We can control the odor in the air by spraying the misty water in the air conditioner to reach the purpose of deodorization.