Design features of various spray nozzles


Air atomizing nozzle design Air atomizing nozzle design […]

Air atomizing nozzle design

Air atomizing nozzle design features: Air atomizing nozzle design completely introduces Israeli skills. The design uses a vortex nozzle to provide eddy current spray flow to minimize the possibility of blockage. Excellent atomization effect, cooperative anti-drip device, effective root-dropping phenomenon after drip-spraying; differentiated structure, easy to repair, can use four-outlet or single-outlet nozzle.


Active precision atomizing nozzle design

The influence of the construction scale of the precision atomizing nozzle design on the atomization function and its design criteria, the air atomizing nozzle design has been promoted and applied in incineration equipment and some chemical equipment. The literature discussion involves the construction plan of the air atomizing nozzle. And size, but still do not get the first dimension parameters of the influence of the construction of the ruler on the atomization function and their influence. These are the most important in the design of the air atomizing nozzle.


Anti-drip precision atomizing nozzle design

Anti-drip precision atomizing nozzle planning and classification A large amount of dust generated in coal mining excavation not only seriously affects the health of the miners, but also the coal dust is explosive, and it is necessary to safely produce coal mines. Over the years, with the addition of coal mining excavation strength, the dust doubts have become increasingly outstanding. At present, the primary dust-proof method for coal mines in China is spray dust reduction, using anti-drip precision atomizing nozzles for air cleaning, and as a basic component of spray dust reduction.

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