Demystifying several humidification methods commonly used in industrial painting sites


    High pressure micro-fog humidification method     T […]

    High pressure micro-fog humidification method

    The high-pressure gas-water atomizing nozzle is used to mix the jet generated by the compressed air with the water at the nozzle outlet to break the water into very minute water droplets (the diameter of the water droplets is about 5 to 10 μm), and the small water droplets enter the air and evaporate to complete the humidification process.

    When spraying, the mist particles need to absorb heat from the surrounding air to complete the transition from liquid water to gaseous water (this phase change process needs to absorb a large amount of latent heat of vaporization, the value is about 2504.50Kj/kg). The air temperature will drop along the isobaric line. . Therefore, when the humidification system works, there will be a certain cooling effect, which is conducive to improving the air environment of the workshop.


    water tray humidification method

    The water tray humidification method is to place the water in a plastic tray and achieve the purpose of humidification by allowing the water to naturally evaporate at room temperature. Depending on the temperature of the site and the amount of evaporation required, a water tray with a capacity of 600 mm × 400 mm × 60 mm or 600 mm × 400 mm × 100 mm may be used. The water in the water tray may use tap water or factory treated dihydrate.


    spray gun humidification method

    The gun humidification method is a method of atomizing and humidifying water by using a scrapped air spray gun (the air cap of the spray gun is traversed to the horizontal fan).

    When the air pressure reaches 4.0×105Pa, the air atomization effective distance of the spray gun humidification method can reach 11m, and the effective control area reaches 44m2. Therefore, the spray gun humidification method is used in areas where people move frequently and have high pollution degree, and control a large area. The effect of the source of pollution is obvious.