Application of misting nozzles in the food industry


In the food processing industry, it is often applied to […]

In the food processing industry, it is often applied to multi-head air atomizing nozzles. Multi-head air atomizing nozzles are very convenient when used. It is a good choice to use multi-head nozzles in the food industry. Let's take a look at it. Multi-head nozzle food industry application.

Types of multi-head atomizing nozzles used in food fermentation:
There are many types of multi-head atomizing nozzles. The multi-head atomizing nozzle is one of the air atomizing nozzles. This nozzle is special in that it has 4 to 6 nozzles, which are sprayed. The time is solid spray, that is, the 360-degree space is sprayable. This design is very suitable for food processing spray. Food processing spray is more important in many food processing, like wine industry. In the wine industry, fermentation is very susceptible to humidity interference. Once the humidity does not meet the requirements, it is easy to affect the quality of the wine. The use of wine humidification nozzles can humidify the surrounding air. There are many types of food humidification nozzles. We classify the nozzles according to the industry. They can be divided into food fermentation atomizing nozzles and fermentation raw material air atomizing nozzles. These nozzles are in line with the food workshop when used. Used. It is not only the multi-head atomizing nozzle that can be used in the food industry. It can also be sprayed by the fan-shaped atomizing nozzle. Generally speaking, as long as the spray mist size meets the requirements, it can be considered whether the nozzle can be used or not. The nozzle is more suitable for humidification in food.

The multi-head nozzle food industry application can be applied not only in the food industry, but also in many other industries, such as processing plants in industrial areas, and dusty processing plants can also be used.