Application of high pressure spray system


High pressure atomization system features 1. Fog: The u […]

High pressure atomization system features
1. Fog: The ultra-high pressure micro-mist spray nozzle can produce 5 billion droplets per second. The diameter of the droplets is only 3-15μm, especially in the mountains, and it quickly evaporates in the air to form water vapor. The humidification and cooling effect is excellent. .
2. Energy saving: 1 liter of water is required to atomize 1 liter of water, which is one percent of the traditional electric humidifier and one tenth of the centrifugal or gas-water hybrid humidifier.
3. Reliable: The ultra-high pressure micro-mist humidifier main unit adopts imported industrial piston pump, which can run continuously for 24 hours, and the nozzle and water mist distributor have no power and vulnerable parts, and are not damaged in high dust environment.
4. Hygiene: The water in the ultra-high pressure micro-mist system is sealed and non-circulating and does not cause bacterial growth.
5. Humidification amount: The humidification amount is large and can be freely combined. The output flow of the pump station of the ultra-high pressure micro-mist system is from 100kg/h to 1600kg/h, which can be adjusted steplessly. The spray head can be arbitrarily arranged in the flow range, and the humidification precision can be adjusted in any combination.


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