An easy way to choose the right nozzle


Not all nozzles are the same. It's a good idea to learn […]

Not all nozzles are the same. It's a good idea to learn more about nozzles and how they work. In this way, you will understand the difference between one nozzle and the other. This means good choices and decisions because you have something to compare.

Understand spray drift

The size of the droplets flowing from the nozzle depends on the nozzle itself. If the nozzle releases a larger droplet, the trend is to land quickly on the surface without the opportunity to spread or cover a larger area per unit volume.

Keep in mind that smaller droplets are heavier than smaller droplets. This means that the target area is less likely to be achieved because they are easy to land. Using smaller droplets ensures that a larger surface area is reached or contacted. However, this also means drifting more easily because the particles are smaller and it is easier to evaporate moisture in the air.

Therefore, it is important to understand that if the droplets are larger, you will find it harder to reach the target area, but unlike smaller droplets, there will be less evaporation. Therefore, to manage the correct size to avoid drift, adjust the droplet size to apply.

You can also consider the current weather, as wind speed and direction will definitely affect the probability of reaching the target area.

Check the warranty

Some nozzle manufacturers offer a warranty on their products to ensure quality. However, the nozzles experience the same wear process. Normally, the nozzles used are no longer suitable for long periods of use. It is best to always use new nozzles each time you start a new project.