Advantages of using high pressure water misting nozzle


Over the years, we have become more and more aware of t […]

Over the years, we have become more and more aware of the high-pressure water mist, which makes the use of high-pressure water mist nozzles more and more widely. It can be seen in some spray humidification projects or fire protection systems. As the primary component of fire-fighting equipment, the traditional fire-fighting method of high-pressure water mist has higher power and more water saving. High-pressure water mist nozzles are generally classified into open nozzles and closed nozzles. There are five atomizing nozzles on the main body of the open nozzle. Each nozzle has a 200 mesh 316SS material filter that provides good filtration and prevents spray clogging.

It is more advantageous to control the injection angle and flow rate and extend the service life of the nozzle under high pressure. There are 7 atomizing nozzles on the main body of the closed nozzle, and other parameters are the same as the open nozzle. Under normal circumstances, it will be used in local archives, library, cultural relics, oil depots, generator houses, ships, aviation, coal, subways, tunnels and other local firefighting.

The particles of this nozzle are in the range of 10-130um particles, which are sensitive to vaporization after water contact, and the volume expansion is 1700-580 times. It absorbs a lot of heat and makes the temperature of the combustion surface sensitively decrease. Together with the vaporization, it forms a whole area of ​​the combustion area with steam. Live and cover up, so that the burning suffocates due to lack of oxygen.